Friday, March 14, 2014

Humble Abode

I wanted my house to resemble an ancient Roman home.
I think their houses were beautiful, and I find it very interesting that they had a garden in the middle of their house. You can see on the lower picture the garden is labeled, and in the top picture, number 2 represents the garden. 
I would plant some trees in that garden and build my house around the trees, as seen in my floor plan here (aerial view):
The picture (sideview) of my house was showing underneath this one, so I scanned it again and it cast some shadows on the bottom one here, but it's okay. 

Those little puff ball thing in the middle of that square would be my trees. 
For some context, that circle with a rectangle in it looks like a Do Not Enter sign, but the circle itself is called an oculus, and the rectangle in the middle of it is the impluvium. 
The oculus is a circular opening in the roof where rainwater can collect in the impluvium below it, which is in the ground of the atrium of one's house. 
It's fancy Roman decoration, really.

Here is the side view of my house.
I chose to be viewing into my house. 
You can see the impluvium, and the structure is upheld by columns.
This is the front part of my house, so you can't see into the garden/back of the house.
Roman houses didn't have doors. They just pulled down this giant wooden wall to keep people out at night, and then kept it open during the day.

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