Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Unrelated to Advanced Drawing and Painting posts

I really just wanted to post some of my other drawings/projects on here as well because some of them I really like and am proud of so this post is dedicated to those:

(Characters belong to Andrew Hussie)

(Characters belong to Andrew Hussie)

(Characters belong to Andrew Hussie)

(Characters belong to Andrew Hussie) 
(Jarrod Matthew)
(This is the picture I referenced)

 So that was mostly all just Homestuck fanart and then my appreciation for the existence of the beautiful Jarrod Matthew.


So what we did was used the brayer to lay down ink and then we subtracted the ink from the plexi-glass to shape our faces and show the light versus dark places on the face.
Then we ran the plexi-glass through the printmaker (with paper on top, obviously) and got our image printed onto paper woo hoo!
Like I said, I loved this activity. I had maybe 1 or 2 stand-alone pieces, but the others that are pictured here are cut-and-collaged together from other pieces. I don't have pictures of ALL of my prints, sadly, so I'll need to take pictures of those.

(This one's my favorite)

Another drawing from life

We had been doing drawings of our faces/upper body from small mirrors which we were going to go over with watercolor paint, but deer god am I AWFUL with watercolor. I cannot control the carnal rage that is the tiger of watercolor paint! But I really liked my initial sketch of myself before we put the paint on it.

Full Figure

I still need to work back into this and I fully intend on doing so before the Winter Art Show.
Medium: Gesso, Graphite stick, watercolor paint for the background
Technique: Subtraction, drawing from life

I'll post another update of this once I work back into it and make it look nicer.
I like some aspects of it, though I don't know if I'm diggin' the background, honestly...
I need to add some lighter areas, and I need to fix up my face a bit.

Ahhhhhhh update

I have not been updating my blog as diligently as I would like to. u__u So here are some posts of what we've done since, what, September??? It's November already, almost December!!

So since the cut-and-collage thing, we've done a full figure, monotypes, water color selfies, monotype mixed media stuff... Yeah we've done a lot haha and I've missed a lot of school....

So okay I will post some pictures of stuff I've been doing. They're iPhone photos from distances for some of them though, and for that I apologize. Also this is not ALL we've done. I just need to take more pictures of my work.